What I Love Most about Risen Christ! I can’t pick just one thing. There are so many reasons why I love Risen Christ. First, I love they teach my kids about Jesus at school. You can see Gods love in each staff member. Each staff member and teacher are so compassionate. You don’t get that at other schools. The school is a perfect size so it leads to great class sizes. Which leads to better one on one with each student. I highly recommend Risen Christ to everyone. We have been with the school since 2010.
The Crossman’s

My granddaughter began her education at Risen Christ at the age of 5. In August 2020 she will enter the 6th grade. We have been blessed to be a part of Risen Christ School and the educational program they offer. Their standard is high but so is their belief in their students. Sometimes we have felt overwhelmed when it comes to homework but that is generally due to our own lack of understanding and our inability to help. The school has always been there to help. There are many things I appreciate about the teachers and administration at RC. Their willingness to support, tutor, advise, correct, encourage and listen to students and parents has been immeasurable to my family. Good teachers are a gift from God. A special thanks to the them for all of the hard work and commitment they have for the students. It does not go unnoticed and is very appreciated. My family has always looked forward to the Christmas Play. We are amazed at its outcome and know it can only happen with many hours of preparation, planning, patience and practice. Along with the many fun days for different celebrations, the 1st Family Dance was a major success. We look forward to attending again this year. Our “elementary journey” will soon come to a close and decisions and choices will need to be made for the future. While I’m not sure where that will lead us, I do know the school administration will be there to help advise us should we need counsel. THANKS FOR DOING LIFE WITH US!♥️
Jo M. Easter A Thankful Mimi

I appreciate that I know most of the faculty and teachers. I am aware that’s an odd one, and not one I can really express to new parents or families looking at this school. But knowing the faculty has helped me be comfortable with having my kids at Risen Christ. When I see other parents bring their new students in, or my preschooler starts school, I know that if a child has a difficult time they’ll work with both of us with patience and understanding, and contact me if it makes my child more comfortable with being at school. It’s not a rush to leave the kid and feel like your heart breaks as you walk away from their tears. They are full of gentle patience and dedicate time to helping you child be comfortable.  I would recommend this school to others based solely on the faculty there. I’ve been blessed to have multiple children attend this school, and from the time my first one started, there has been some staff changes. But I have spoken with my sons now 5th and 6th grade teachers for years. I don’t worry about the types of people that may be hired for the open positions, because of the other faculty members. I know that only qualified and quality teachers would be hired, so I don’t worry about what teacher my kids will have. Being at a small school with dedicated staff means I interact with more than just my child’s primary teacher, I can be familiar with all of the faculty. In this period of uncertainty, the teachers have all reached out and asked how they can help and made sure I knew they were available, through whatever method I needed to communicate, and that I wasn’t alone during the isolation as we all tried to figure out how best to help the students finish school.
I appreciate that the teachers are involved in the students lives. Not just focused on their education, but they’re behavior, that they grow as a person, and reflect Jesus in their actions. They want your child to succeed in school and life, and give them the patience, tools, support, and resources they need to do that. It’s not about correct answers, but being able to problem solve and perseverance. My kids tend to finish assignments quickly, and I don’t worry about them getting bored and subsequently getting into trouble like they are sure to once they have to leave this school. In their previous grades the teachers talked with me about their plan for filling those idle times. I am already worried about my eldest, who is in his last year here, being successful at another school. But I’m hoping he has learned from his teachers, because they gave him the tools to content himself if that does happen.
I appreciate the teachers. Period. They make sure I know how my children are doing in school, and that we are on the same page academically and socially. They communicate with me and keep me informed so I never wonder what my kids are working on or how they are doing with the subjects, even when my only responses at home from my kids are “nothing”, “fine”, or “it’s the same”. In a world that requires perfection and state-driven funding, the teachers require your child’s best and reward effort, not just the correct answers. They extend grace and don’t treat every child the same, they find solutions to each individually. Some of this is probably because of the small class size, which I also appreciate, but most of it is the teachers. My second child is very quiet and when he was having problems with other students, he didn’t like having to talk with the teacher about it. His teacher had a box that students could anonymously drop a note in, and he would tell her through the notes when he was having a difficult time.
It’s also not just the teachers. Mrs Ackley has been a constant since we started at this school and she has known some of my children before they had even been in the world. She is always there, always helpful and fair, treats everyone with familiarity, and if she doesn’t know the answer she finds out who does. I can always count on her. I appreciate all the support staff, the ladies at lunch, Miss Lillian and Miss Betty. Everyone is quick with a hello, kind smile, and ready to help you and your child. They go above the job and are the sweetest people. They definitely show God’s love through serving others. I also have had one of my children work with Ms Brouhard, and I can tell she really takes the time to understand and work with your child, definitely going beyond the job, to help them be the best version of themselves. It’s not about textbook practice, but finding ways to tailor the materials to the child, finding their interests and what keeps them engaged as they work through problems.
I appreciate the principal. I have never met a woman I have wanted to emulate more. I don’t think Mrs Reid ever loses her cool. She deals with difficult situations in a way that just makes me want to sit at her feet and take notes. Every time I have a difficult time trying to figure out the right thing to say to my children, I want to just call her up and ask what she would say or do. She is so invested in our children’s lives, she feels their heartbreak and hurt, and their joy and laughter. I never worry about how my children are doing under her care because I know she takes care of them as if they were her own. I am a little sad that my youngest two won’t be getting her as their teacher, but I also know she works tirelessly for these kids and they will still benefit from her as their principal.
I appreciate that the kids don’t have to fundraise. My husband often talks about the next fundraiser parents are holding at work for their kids school. It gets tiring. I appreciate that the school board works with families that need financial support. I appreciate that when I can’t help financially, I feel I can still contribute, like bringing items for themed baskets for the auction, or volunteering my time helping with special lunches. But there’s no judgement when I wasn’t even able to help with those. I know a lot of that is from Mrs Reid and Mrs Ackley, knowing they will help however they can to have my kids at this school.
I appreciate the extra opportunities for the students. It’s not just about school. There’s been bridge club, baking club, gardening club, chess, and band. Probably more, but those are ones I remember. One of my children really wanted to be in band, but that just wasn’t something we could financially make happen. He spoke with the teacher himself and Mr Parks was able to help him join band. Even though my son gets frustrated at himself, he has a patient instructor that understands that aspect of him as a person, and works him through it. I don’t think either of those things would have happened at another school and my son would have missed out on the pride he felt at learning and playing a song at the Christmas program. I would have missed out on watching him flourish, that confidence and smile, his continued interest in learning this instrument, knowing that perseverance pays off, if Mr Parks hadn’t understood him and pushed him to keep trying. Having different opportunities outside of academics, has allowed my children to find different things they are interested in and might like to pursue later in life; it allows children to find hidden abilities and talents, to know there is more than academics out there.
It’s difficult to sum up in a few sentences that everyone at this school is important and appreciated, that what makes Risen Christ different is the people. It’s not the building, curriculum, technology, or even that it’s a small private school. Those are numerous. This school, what makes this school the one that I continue to come back to each year with my children, is the faculty. Even when I don’t agree with all the policies or changes that happen, frustrated with some of the student interactions, or am sad about the departing teachers, my family comes back. We know our concerns will be listened to, our children will be cared for, and that maybe the new teacher, like Mrs Alivia, will be even better than who’d been there before.
Jessica Fugett

I have gone to this school for seven years. The teachers help us to make sure we learn and that we get good grades. I like getting computer time. I liked Mrs Woode and wish she was staying. I liked gardening club and getting to plant stuff. I didn’t like that chess club was so early and I couldn’t go.
Lane Fugett

Jasper: It is awesome. The teachers are kind and try to help us any way they can, they teach students differently if they need that. I like that we get progress reports before our grade cards so we know what to work on. I like rotating classrooms because I like seeing my different teachers and classrooms even when I’m not in their grade anymore. I like the homework time at the end of the day so I can get help if I need it.
Jasper Fugett

I love my teacher and I make nice friends. My favorite was treasure box and playing outside.

Cole Fugett