AR (Accelerated Reading) Coding


Definition and Uses

             Accelerated Reading is a software program whose main purpose is to track students’ independent reading progress.  It is a way to monitor reading practice and reinforce positive reading habits. Risen Christ Lutheran School uses the AR system in a variety of ways.  Some classes use it primarily as a way to monitor reading practice.  Students choose a book and take an AR quiz (usually about 10 questions) and/or require a certain number of AR points.  Teachers monitor student reading progress and provide support in selecting reading materials at an appropriate level.  Other teachers may only use the system to help select books.           

            Students may be given the STAR test, which determines the initial range of book levels for individual students.  However, book levels should not be restrictive.  Reading below level can increase fluency and stamina for longer books.  Reading above level can be successful when a student has a strong interest or background in the topic or author.


AR Coding Key

             The AR-colored circles, stars, and hearts, found on the book spine or cover, were selected by Risen Christ Lutheran School teachers some time ago so that students could easily identify book levels.  The complete information (reading level, points, and quiz #) is found in the inside cover.  The following is the Accelerated Reading Chart used at Risen Christ: