​The Risen Christ Lutheran School Family and Teacher Fellowship (FTF)

All parents of Risen Christ Lutheran School are members of the Family and Teacher Fellowship (FTF), which exists to promote friendly relationships among parents, to acquaint them with the spirit of Risen Christ Lutheran School, to obtain their cooperation with its objectives for the development of their children, and to initiate the parents’ involvement in, and support for projects and functions which aid Risen Christ Lutheran School academically, socially, and financially.

The mission of the Risen Christ Lutheran School Family and Teacher Fellowship (FTF) is:
1.        To aid in communication between the Risen Christ staff and administration and the parents.
2.        To help the parents understand the fundamental premises upon which Risen Christ Lutheran School
3.        To help schedule, promote, and host student and parent activities.
4.        To welcome new parents into the Risen Christ family and to instill in the new parents the need for their
            continued involvement in and support of Risen   Christ Lutheran School.
5.        To encourage pride in the children and in Risen Christ.
6.        To assist Risen Christ in promoting its reputation in the Springfield and surrounding communities.